Angels on Wheels Animal Rescue

SidelineK9 is happy to donate a portion of our profits to support Angels on Wheels Animal Rescue.  We have personally benefited from the work they do when we welcomed Dixie into our home.  We want to pay it forward and help other pets enjoy the same life Dixie has with us.     

Angels on Wheels Animal Rescue is a 501c3 non-profit animal rescue located in the southwest suburbs of Chicago.  

Angels on Wheels supports dogs and cats in all phases of life – the adorable puppies and kittens, lovable mature animals, and those in their last days. They rescue pets afflicted by neglect, abandonment, and abuse and match them up with foster home and forever families. 

Angels on Wheels rescues pets from pounds, shelters, and animal rescue groups primarily in Illinois and Kentucky, as well as other southern states.  These are some of the hardest hit areas with pet over-population due to lack of spaying and neutering. Numerous friendly, sweet, loving animals are in danger of being euthanized at these facilities every day.  Unfortunately for these babies, adoptions are very low and sadly, many will never make it out alive.

Angels on Wheels has created a vast network of people who volunteer their time to help with the rescue and transport of pets who are in jeopardy – rescuing them from shelters and ultimately transporting them to their foster families.  While in foster care, the animals are nursed back to health, if necessary, and provided with essential medical care – shots, de-worming, baths, flea and tick treatments, spaying/neutering, antibiotics, etc, etc – the list goes on and on. 

All of this happens thanks to the generosity of their donors, sponsors, transporters, cross posters, adopters, volunteers, family, friends, and partnering vets.  As they say – it truly takes a village – and they have built that village for the sake of the animals they rescue. 

Looking to adopt or foster?  Check out their website!  Angels on Wheels Animal Rescue